Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stray Cats - Greatest Hits

An old favorite for sure - my first call to a radio station to request a song was 'Rock This Town' when I was 9 years old and phoned KFXM in Los Angeles. A great band that I regret being to young to see at the height of their popularity but Brian Setzer is still kicking aroundso who knows? This was another of those wonderful bands that propts you to give others a listen and I am glad for it since I now have a nice little collection of Carl Perkins and Eddie Cochran among other rockabilly greats in my collection. Hopefully someone here will get turned on to this or their influences for the first time as well. That's what Daddy is here for people - spreading the knowledge.

1. Runaway Boys
2. Rock This Town
3. Stray Cat Strut
4. You Dont Believe Me
5. Look At That Cadillac
6. Little Miss Prissy
7. (Shes) Sexy And I
8. Rebels Rule
9. I Wont Stand In Youe Way
10. Gina
11. Bring It Back Again
12. Gene And Eddie
13. Rock This Town (Bonus Track)

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DaddyRich said...

Anonymous said...

Great stuff
can you put more Rockabilly on please


napsmear said...

I dunno where you got that track list.......isnt anywhere near whats in the file......thanx the cats