Monday, September 18, 2006

Rage Aginst The Machine - Bombtrack (Dutch CDM Pinkpop Edition) 1993

Here's a R.A.T.M. rarity that took Daddy a while to find but here it is for you folks, just for stopping by here. Wouldn't hurt to click a link up at the top of the page either. Don't know much about this release except that it includes the single version of 'Bombtrack', 4 live songs from the first album , a previously unreleased song (that is still a favorite) and a remix by Sir Jinx (if you're old enough to remember Ice Cube in the group C.I.A. than you know who...). Please enjoy and doctors recommend playing extremely loud.


1 Bombtrack
2 Freedom (Live)
3 Settle For Nothing (Live)
4 Bombtrack (From Mark Goodier's "Evening Session")
Producer - Ted De Bono
5 Bullet In The Head (Remix)
Remix - Sir Jinx
6 Take The Power Back (Live)
7 Darkness Of Greed
8 Bullet In The Head (Live)
9 Bombtrack (Live)

Links are now in the comments - enjoy!


DaddyRich said...

somedude said...

Thanks for this. Damn, i miss RATM. Audioslave just aint the same. Soundgarden were pretty good too.

DaddyRich said...

Man, I hear you there on all counts.

Anonymous said...

This was my first RATM single (since I used to live in Holland. Classic stuff!! Thanx