Friday, September 22, 2006

2 Live Crew - 2 Live is What We Are

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh..... going way back for this one here. This one came out when I was a sophomore in high school and changed the whole rap scene around. Never before had their been so many cuss words and explicit sexual content in rap music. To any 15 year-old boy it did not get any better than this. This was the soundtrack to countless house parties on my block and every once in a while (when the kids and wife aren't around) I still blast it. This album answered all sorts of questions- like, "what is a 'D' and should I really be throwing it anywhere?" and also introduced us to one of the most under-rated DJ's in all of hip-hop history - Mr. Mixx - the man was BAAAAAAD and most of their albums had at least one track dedicated to his skills on the Technics. Also , it should be noted for posterity that this was the first popular music that record clerks got arrested for selling to minors. What kind of world did we live in (or still do) that people got arrested for selling and performing music that many people liked and George Bush (The First) could get away with drug dealing in South America? I mean, really.

1. "2 Live Is What We Are..." – 4:20
2. "We Want Some Pussy" – 2:48
3. "Check It Out Y'all" (Freestyle) – 5:04
4. "Get It Girl" – 3:57
5. "Throw The 'D'" – 3:09
6. "Cut It Up" – 3:49
7. "Beat Box (remix)" – 4:33
8. "Mr. Mixx On The Mix!!" – 5:15

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