Monday, September 11, 2006

Rancid - A couple of B-Sides

Just passing some time here at the Ape. Thses are 2 of my favorite b-sides from the mighty Rancid. I have only seen them released on the 7" I bought years ago and on a Japanese import. So, for those already familiar I hope you enjoy these blasts from the past and for the uninitiated - be prepared for a quick loud burst of true punk rock. 'Just A Feeling' contains the great lyric "...Heard your friends a fucking cop/whoaaaaaaaa/I don't know/I don't know about you..." Just awesome stuff and Matt Freeman does things to that bass that should be illegal.


Anonymous said...

You might be old, but you're definitely not boring. Thanks for these and all the others you've posted, much appreciated!

Matt said...

Thanks for this and the Oingo Boingo. Great site, great taste in music.