Friday, January 26, 2007

The White Stripes - Complete B-Sides & Compilation Tracks Collection

Oh those wonderful White's, Jack and Meg. I was never a big fan of the blues when I was younger, as most aren't. It all just sounded a little too dated and didn't move me at all. Many years later, The White Stripes take old blues songs and themes and give them such great life and it sounds so good to these old ears. This was a find at the mighty SFRP (all respect due) and the link there seems dead so I will zip up mine and share it with all you good folks. It is just as it states - a collection of b's and compilation goodness - Enjoy!

01-Let's Shake Hands
02-Look Me Over Closely
03-Lafayette Blues
04-Red Bowling Ball Ruth
07-Party Of Special Things To Do
08-China Pig
09-Ashtray Heart
10-Red Death At 6:14
11-Lord, Send Me An Angel
12-You're Pretty Good Looking (Trendy American Mix)
13-Candy Cane Children
14-Story Of the Magi
15-Good To Me
16-Black Jack Davey
17-Who's To Say
18-Who's A Big Baby
19-Though I Hear You Calling, I Will Not Answer
20-Blue Orchid (High Contrast Remix)
21-Top Special
22-Shelter of Your Arms
23-Walking With A Ghost

I will also include a companion piece of a few rarities - live appearences and such for you...

Due to popular demand - Link has been updated. Thanks for the heads-up everyone!!!

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DaddyRich said...

B-Sides & Compilation Tracks -

Rarities -

Anonymous said...

Great White Stripes posting - unfortunately the zip file for the B sides file is password protected - how about letting us know the password please?
Is the rarities protected as well?

DaddyRich said...

Once again, I don't understand how this sort of thing happens. I have never and will never use passwords - I am totally against them for sharing music. My only suggestion is to try again or get a Mac.

Georger said...

Thanks for these. I had most of these, but a few were new to me. I thought I had all of the white stripes studio recordings that weren't bootlegs. "Top Special" I only had as a live track. Also where did "Though I Hear You Calling, I Will Not Answer" come from? Sounds like an outtake of Elephant, very cool and different.
You always have cool stuff on this site.

Anonymous said...

"though i hear you calling, i will not answer" was a blue orchid b-side. the studio version of top special was released as a 7" single.

senor w said...

could someone please help? i have downloaded the first file 5 times and i still can't get it to extract. i even reistalled my winzip program but to no avail. it keeps saying it "cannot find the specified path". the second file unzipped just fine, but the first one is the one with the "meat" in it. could someone give me a clue? thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but this is a wasted download for me - I just get "error ~ 25235 "Error opening file". Some of us have monthly download limits, so this sort of thing can get a bit annoying.

Anonymous said...

Can download on all my Macs - can't open the files - get error opening file every time.

DaddyRich said...

This one has had over 150 d/l so far and you kind folks who have written will make me re-examine the file and try it again myself. If there is a problem that I can fix, I will fix it and re-up.

senor w said...

hey daddy!

it's no secret that i truly suck at this. it's reassurring that other folks are having problems too. please don't get frustrated with me or anyone else. i'm still learning as is evident in the upload i did for SD a while back. one of your friends pointed out what i did wrong and i feel rather idiotic. if you would like i'll give it another try, just let me know.
in the meantime, thanks so much for what you share. it has not only enriched my collection but also my life. for that i thank you sir. cheers!

Anonymous said...

I think I know what the problem is... Your folder name includes an "&" sign. Windows does not know what to do with it. Can you rename the compressed folder and the archive file to not have an "&" in the name? That should solve all of us Windows' users problems.

Thanks in advance for doing so -- and for providing what look to be great tunes!


DaddyRich said...

That sounds liek a great solution, Josh and I will do that tomorrow. Thank you very much for the input and I will do my best from now on to check my files for the ampersand.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Daddy Rich

The problem these people are encountering are on their computers. There is nothing wrong with your files. It's either the proxy security setting on their browser or their servers. Thought you might like to know. No problem whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Anonymous Know-It-All

The problem these people are encountering is with your attitude. There is nothing wrong the proxy security setting on their browser or their servers. Browsers and servers have nothing to do with passwords for compressed files. It's the files. Thought you might like to know. No problem whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I can't get your file to extract. When that happens I run the repair funtion in WinRar. It works everytime. Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...


It's not working for me either, but I'd be happy with just "Top Special".

Anonymous said...

I've tried running the repair function as suggested but to no avail. Never had this problem with a rar before.

I'm sure I speak for many here if you could take a moment to re up this one that would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for the other great shares too.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of putting this up again? It is not working for me. Thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this, daddyrich. :)

d-tron said...

got it opened on a win XP comp with winrar. Thanks, your blog is great.

DaddyRich said...


Anonymous said...

It still didn't work,
asked for a password...

Can you try a simpler name,
like ""?

With a folder inside with a simpler name, like "Fred"?


Anonymous said...

Hi There!

Anonymous here again ;)

Thanks to Anonymous who suggested using 7-zip. Works like a charm.


Anonymous said...

Hot damn!

I tried both links and both asked for a password. Bummer.

I had tried several programs including winrar on the first link with no luck.

Let me tell you people, 7-Zip works with the new link. Thank you daddyrich for posting in the first place, trying again for all of us that had problems, and thank you anonymous for suggesting 7-Zip!

Inigo Jones said...

Nope - have downloaded 7-Zip, and tested files. Says there's nothing wrong with them - yet they will NOT extract from the zip file. I've run the WinRAR repair programme, which does so, but then will not extract either.

Am I doing it wrong? Could somebody please walk me through the 7-Zip process step by painful step?

Second file fine, however - no problems at all, right from the start. No requests for passwords, unlike other people here.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the new link, used 7 zip to extract, and it worked like a dream! Thank you so, so much :) No idea why it wouldn't extract using winrar :S

Anonymous said...

Daddy - Please, let me solve this as it has happened on a few uploads. This one has a space at the end of the folder name, which is not allowed. Unzipping ignoring your pathnames will work under any software (I tested). I remember one last year (Beasties?) that had a colon in it and had the same problem. Your mac is clearly superior (as, I might add, is your musical taste). For your superior efforts, more kids music coming your way. -- DorianGre

Anonymous said...

7-zip did the trick.
awesome post. thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Solution for download/extract:

1. Open with 7Zip
2. When extracting, select "No Pathnames" in the Path Mode selection to the left on the extract settings screen.

Then it works fine.

nmos said...

valuable. thanks