Monday, January 15, 2007

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Rumours Live 1993

I guess I could consider myself lucky to have so many Depeche Mode concerts in my collection, but so many have crappy quality. Excepting, of course, the 101 discs - which still enjoy considerable play in the old stereo. This one is about the best I have from this era, one in which I had pretty much written them off as being done and so did many others, apparently. It was in the middle of Dave Gahan's very public heroin problems and it got old hearing about it to me so I just tuned out. It's gratifying to know they soldiered on without my inestimable custom and that they also continued to sound great and make wonderful music. So, please enjoy this nice document of their live prowess and I will sift through my many boots and seek the best sounding ones for future posts.

Songs Duration
Condemnation 3:47
Enjoy The Silence 6:41
Everything Counts 5:11
Halo 4:36
Higher Love 6:23
I Feel You 7:10
In Your Room 6:40
Judas 5:08
Never Let Me Down Again 4:49
Personal Jesus 5:44
Policy of Truth 4:58
Rush 4:37

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DaddyRich said...

Sorry looks like a bad tracklisting, I will fix soon.

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing this - true, that was the time we stopped listening to dm - i guess also because electronic music just moved on. but of lately they get a real renaissance - i hear them nearly everywhere...

Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty good (to me). And here's the corrected tracklist (as a sign of gratitude to you for having posted this:-)

01/ Higher Love 6:23
02/ Policy of Truth 4:58
03/ Halo 4:36
04/ Stripped 5:05
05/ Condemnation 3:47
06/ Judas 5:08
07/ I Feel You 7:10
08/ Never Let Me Down Again 4:49
09/ Rush 4:37
10/ In Your Room 6:40
11/ Personal Jesus 5:44
12/ Enjoy The Silence 6:41
13/ Everything Counts 5:11

Melochord said...

Thank you for this post!

DM has been with me since high school - I'll often move on (musically) and go months without giving them a thought. And then something (like your post) reminds me of the friend that was so much a part of my life - and it all comes flooding back.

And thank you for all your posts - Yours is one of my favorite blogs to read!