Monday, January 08, 2007

Rolling Stones - Brian's Blues (1964-1970 live, studio and other)

It has been too long since I posted some Rolling Stones rarities and I apologize. Some of my friends here at the Ape get a little impatient for music I say I will post. But, once they reflect upon this being a one-man operation with out any outside help, they usually calm down. My Stones collection is almost as sick as my Beatles one and, of course, we will see plenty of both. I have had a deep sympathy for Brian Jones ever since I was old enough to read the books published about the beginnings of the Stones when I was very young. I have my Dad to thank for those - so thanks Dad, you are tops. I may have had a lot more sympathy for him, as well as Syd Barrett if they weren't such burnt-out junkies. Having grown up, I find none of that stuff cool or edgy and I certainly consider it to be an illness mixed with lack of willpower. Enough of my soap box. I also have long considered writing a book about a rock band with 2 lead singers and one is immensely jealous of the others talent and way with the ladies and arranges for him to do a nice dose of drugs and leave him floating in a pool, helpless to save himself - you fill in the blanks on who the two would be. Fiction, people, I am no conspirist with rock history. But I digress.... I do consider them to have been a better band with a more full sound with Brian in tow, but they have also done pretty well for themselves since, I hear.

Also, DaddyRich's all-time favorite Keith Richards quote , when asked about all the flower-power idealism of the 1960's "..."All You Need Is Love?", try paying the fucking rent with it". I love this guy, junkie or not, he is a wise old pirate.

1. Road Runner
2. Meet Me In The Bottom
3. Memphis Tennessee
4. Beautiful Delilah
5. West Coast Idea
6. Looking Tired
7. Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')
8. Andrew's Blues
9. The Spider And The Fly
10. Country Honk
11. Stewed And Keefed
12. Confessin’ The Blues
13. Parachute Woman
14. Goin' Home

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DaddyRich said...

Anonymous said...

i'd love that ... but:

password ??

Quazzie said...

Oh By the WaY that asshole Keith Richards hated Brian Jones just as much if not more than that douchebag JAGGER . READ THE BOOK BY BILL WYMAN . Keith was the one who was jealous of Jones because keith sucks at guitar And Brian had to show him everything,and Keith stole songwriting credit as well . Its in the book ,Thanks for the post Brian was the best era stones

DaddyRich said...

Oh geez - people - I am fixing to rename this blog "There Is No Freaking Password". If you get that prompt then something is wrong on your end that I have no idea how to help with. It seems for about every 100 downloads that 1 person has this problem. Other, much wiser, people than I have posted suggestions & solutions in other comments - please read them. I only work here, man.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say I appreciate your efforts in this great blog, and I double appreciate your 'no password' policy. I don't really understand why some folks insist on password-ing their uploads, half the time they make their own typos or add spaces and it can be a challenge for the rest of us to recover the work.

Thanks and good luck to ya!

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know this existed! Thank you!
Vol. 2, eh, so maybe there is a vol. 1 as well?

JXK said...

Likewise this is a new one to me. Looking forward to hearing it. Along with the previous poster I'm also wondering if there is a volume 1 ?

Many thanks.

DaddyRich said...

Volume 1 is still out there waiting for me. I thought I had a version here, but it turned out to be something else.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say thanks for all the sweet downloads bigdaddy rich!!!awesome choices!!seriously thanks for all the great albums!! any monkee boots in the work!?..... please stop laughing..I'm serious :p

DaddyRich said...

I DO have Monkees boots, actually. I will be getting some on here soon.

the KIDD said...

Thank-YOU for this rare find!!! I can not wait to see whats up you're sleve next!!! I really enjoy this site. Again,THANKS!!!

Anonymous said...

the links dead

Loren said...

The link must have resurrected itself, or Brian Jones came back from the dead to make sure more people heard his contribution to music history. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing and for not using WinRar.
Cheers, Eric

madhouse said...

Thanx heaps!!! Link is alive and well!!

stoogie said...

the link doesnt work. can you share this, again? thx.

Bèr said...

It's a pity, the tinyurl link is still working, but Rapidshare says: file not found. thx for the good work anyway