Friday, January 12, 2007

INXS - Kick (Special Edition Japan Import)

With thanks to the great Mokeys for sharing this one. I love this band, of course and rarely have seen the lovely obi-strip upon their works. The obi always guaranteed a huge increase in price at Rhino or Mad Platter so, more often than not, I just fondled the package and walked out with a copy of the NME. Sigh. The good old days - thank God for the sharing communities on the internet, let's keep the kindness coming. I would love to add thanks here to all the good people (from around the world!) who have left links and suggestions in the comments. What we have here is a great little share from my friends at the Island Of Misfit Toys and a new one to me. Hopefully a few of you will be seeing this for the first time as well.

1. Guns In The Sky (2:20)
2. New Sensation (3:39)
3. Devil Inside (5:10)
4. Need You Tonight (3:05)
5. Mediate (2:30)
6. The Loved One (3:35)
7. Wild Life (3:08)
8. Never Tear Us Apart (3:00)
9. Mystify (3:15)
10. Kick (3:11)
11. Calling All Nations (2:59)
12. Tiny Daggers (3:27)
13. Devil Inside (re-mix version) (6:29)
14. New Sensation (Nick 12" Mix) (6:28)
15. Move On (4:46)
16. Need You Tonight (Mendelsohn Mix) (7:01)
17. Different World (4:16)
18. Guns In The Sky (Kick Ass Mix) (5:59)

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DaddyRich said...

-olli- said...

Thanks, daddyrich. I have a number of SD booty myself and most of them really suck soundwise. The almost acoustic christmas one is kind of decent....

Anonymous said...

very nice share, thanx m8...