Monday, January 29, 2007

David Bowie - The Band Was Altogether (Diamond Dogs Rehearsals)

We all know that DaddyRich loves the Bowie and he loves the rehearsals. Hard to get any better than this - a particularly rich period in his long and varied career. As far as synchronicity goes, my iPod just began playing 'Panic In Detroit' so this one has been decreed by fate. Also, let's all of us give thanks to AOA, whose uploads have been making the internet a better place for a long time.

1. Moonage Daydream
2. Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing(Reprise)
3. Changes
4. Suffragette City
5. Aladdin Sane
6. All The Young Dudes
7. Diamond Dogs
8. Panic In Detroit
9. Big Brother
10. Time
11. The Jean Genie
12. Win
13. Young Americans

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DaddyRich said...

kike hurtado said...

Hi daddyrich

the link doen'st works! file not found from rapidshare!!!

please, reupload this Bowie's stuff!

regards, Kike.

Anonymous said...

The link worked OK for me.

Many thanks, daddyrich!

the KIDD said...

I'm downloading it right now!!! Many thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent!!! Thanks for this one and all the Bowie.

Max said...

I have the 1990 Bowie tour rehearsals (I guess that would be the Black Tie, White Noise tour?) with Adrian Belew on guitar, if you're interested. A very underrated tour, IMO.

DaddyRich said...

I am always interested in getting people here who want to share - it makes my load easier to do here.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, thank you!

You wouldn't happen to have this one, would you?

Or any other Bowie soundboards of course, it's all solid gold.

/Alex De Paris (having trouble logging in)

Anonymous said...

Oops, was that link too long? It was supposed to link to a review of the Bowie bootleg "French Affair", recorded in Paris on October 14th 1999.

/Alex De Paris

Toothwaste said...

I don´t post thanx enough on your great site! Thanx for all the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Michael says...
Thank you very much for this post.

Anonymous said...

Hello daddyrich,

Thanks a lot for these recordings. They correspond to my favourite period of Bowie's recording. His voice has never sounded so good.
Thanks again for the great job you're doing.
Cheers, Eric from France

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. 'Hang onto yourself'!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Max... :) The 1990 tour rehearsals would be for the Sound And Vision tour, not Black Tie White Noise..

he did not tour to promote Black Tie (only made select live tv appearances like the Tonight Show-type tv shows)

Porrohman said...

Just discovered your blog, thanks for the grest Bowie stuff

Anonymous said...


any bowie demos ~~~

rock on

Anonymous said...


dugg said...

sure wish i'd seen this tour instead of Serious Moonlight. looking forward to hearing this BIG time...