Monday, January 08, 2007

Hello to all my friends here at the Ape, from DaddyRich. I hadn't been able to make any new posts for a few days due to these terrible winds in SoCal and buggy problems with Blogger. But, I did have a few things I wanted to discuss with you children. I am very pleased and honored to have topped 100,000 visitors this week, and although I am not sure if this is a real significant achievement in the world of music-blogging, I am pleased nonetheless. I am also sure many blogs have padded their visitor count for their own ego gratification. But DaddyRich tries to live on the level and act upon the square with all people and I thank you. I have also, rather recently, gotten off my butt (so to speak) and begin sketching again after a too-long absence and am resolved to do something good with it and get some use out of what's been given to me. I am resolved to create a blog chronicling this adventure and hope people will visit and leave kind words, like I so often get here. What I am going to attempt is a childrens book - so if you aren't a parent you likely will not be interested but you are welcome there, of course. Also, I am a fan of learning, just like my doppleganger Ben Franklin and will also be working (albeit infrequently) on a blog dedicated to historical, religious and secret society studies as well - - so, again, hopefully there will be a little something for others as well as myself. Either way, the jams will continue at the Ape and I look forward to a great year of blogging, so many good ones have fallen off and I will do my best to keep this up and running - we can really turn this whole thing into a community of good people helping eachother.



solotoo said...

So do you have your SketchBlog up yet?

DaddyRich said...

here is the beginning of it

Anonymous said...

the historical blog sounds especially interesting! good luck on the other projects- i look forward to checking them out, especially in light of the quality of this blog. and i hear you about those santa anas.

Anonymous said...

It sounds really good.
Buena suerte, amigo.

Anonymous said...

Rich, just one stupid thing. In spanish, Black Kitty is: "Gata negra" (Both words with A)
I mean, you say Gato (That is male) and Negra (That is female).

DaddyRich said...

Mahou, my good friend - I thank you for the help. I just needed a name and a few I had chosen were taken already and I chose that from a list they offered. I wlll change it as soon as I can.
Many thanks ,

Anonymous said...

cheerio mr DaddyRich, a man of projects myself i looooove to see more of yours.
being a fan of Rage Against The Machine as you are, you'll probably know the band i like to introduce next, but nevertheless 2 albums of a dutch band i heard had quite an impact on the musical developments of RAM: the Urban Dance Squad! thanx for the presentation of your diverse musical tastes and your eloquent utterings

Urban Dance Squad - life 'n perspectives of a Genuine crossover '91 - 192k (82,5 mb)

Urban Dance Squad - mental floss for the globe '89 - VBR 250-320k (90,2 mb)

for you and your blog of course !

Fearless said...

looking forward to the History/Secret Societies blog. Keep up the strong work DR!

King AdBeck said...

If you have that Furs single, I would be most appreciative. I'm going to be putting up some harder-to-find singles on my own blog from time to time, so check it out. Please feel free to link to me and I'd like to do this same, if that's cool with you.

Left you a comment at your sketch blog, as well. Looking good.

Keep blogging, keep drawing,
King AdBeck

errie said...

You have some pretty good idea's to make this blog more and more interesting. Especialy the Secret Societies thing you were talking about. There is so much to tell about this subject. Like you already said...there already left so many good blogs, what a gift to get a blog like this back!. Thnx for everything you did so far. I'm looking forward to see this blog grow into a big thing. You have all my support!