Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jim Croce - Philadelphia Folk Festival August 25, 1973

The mighty Jim Croce, such a loss to all of the world of music so many years ago. Croce always got big respect in my house when I was growing up and mine has only deepened with the ensuing years. He was a masterful storyteller and a pretty damned good guitar player as well. This is a great show but later this week I will post the 'Final Tour' disc where his humor and story-telling abilities are in even greater evidence for you all. Do yourself a favor and run out and buy some Croce tunes, I prefer vinyl myself for Jim, but I believe he can be downloaded digitally as well. I have had this one for a good while but I am going to err on the safe side and thank all at SFRP for letting me hang out and contribute as well.

4-Working at The Carwash Blues
7-He's Got A Way With Women
9-Lovers Cross
11-Speedball Tucker
13-The Ball Of Kerrymuir//
14-//Bad Bad Leroy Brown

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Looking forard to this one. Thanks.

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Thanks,Croce was a true singer songwriting genius,I remember crying as a kid when I heard on the radio he died. i guess it was like when Buddy Holly died for other people.