Wednesday, January 10, 2007

John Lennon - Menlove Avenue Sessions

Many people have scoffed the Lennon album 'Rock & Roll' as a mediocre work of a fading artist, grasping at straws. True, he was in a bad place during the sessions comprising this work of outtakes and alternates, with Yoko problems and heroin taking a lot of his creative energies away from him. Still, even as reviled as 'Rock & Roll' was I was still thrilled to play it on the regular at hime as a kid - maybe having adults review albums isn't always the right way to go, eh? It had a great impact on me and led me to seek out some of the seminal influences in John's repetoire. Someof the tracks here are from the 'Walls & Bridges' recording sessions as well and I may begin a Lennon retrospective here soon - we'll see what happens. Hope you all enjoy!

Here We Go Again
Rock And Roll People
Angel Baby
Since My Baby Left Me
To Know Her Is To Love Her
Steel And Glass
Old Dirt Road
Nobody Loves You
Bless You

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DaddyRich said...

Loren said...

I've heard that part fo the problem with the Rock 'n' Roll sessions was too much Phil Spector. It always amazes me that so much classic music was created by artists who by all rights should have been passed out in a corner, but still managed to make some vibrant music. Thanks for the odd stuff.

Paptoad said...

I bought this on vinyl and love it!

Now I'll have a digital version as well!

Thanks for ALL of your work Daddyrich!

Your's is a SENSATIONAL blog!