Friday, January 05, 2007

Echo & The Bunnymen - Some Peel Sessions

Even with The Crystal Days box set, it seems I may not have all of the precious Echo & The Bunnymen songs from the sessions. So I am now on a hunt and will share what I find as I can get enough to make a worthy post of it. I have expressed here , and will again I am sure, my love of the music they made. I even find myslef liking a lot of what they are doing now the more I give it a chance as well. So, join DaddyRich in the Quest For Bunnymen Peel Sessions, and maybe we can get a definitive collection eventually. Here is part 1.

1. All Of My Colours
2. All That Jazz
3. Back Of Love
4. Nocturnal Me
5. Ocean Rain
6. Over The Wall
7. Read It In Books
8. Seven Seas
9. Villiers Terrace

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DaddyRich said...

Spy 1969 said...

Excellent post, I love Echo & The Bunnymen...!!!!

:) Spy 1969

Anonymous said...

Loving the Bunnymen Posts --I dig all the focus on such an overlooked but awesome band! Thank You, Big Daddy!

Will OConnor said...

There are more Peel sessions to be found on the UK release of Evergreen (it has an extra CD)

King AdBeck said...

Daddy Rich,
Your musical tastes and mine are like Siamese twins joined at the hip. Any chance you have Ian McCulloch's September Song 12" (Korova, 1984) or The Furs Don't Be A Girl single (the one with the acoustic track?). Keep up the great work! King AdBeck

Anonymous said...

Was my post removed or did I screw it up?


DaddyRich said...

I have yet to remove any posts, my freind?

Anonymous said...

Ok, well that makes sense, I probably hit the preview button instead of the publish.

It really just said thank-you for this post which I assume was a response to my request for Seven Seas B-side live tracks.

The version of Ocean Rain here was lovely, but as it turns out these weren't the ones I was seeking.

After some sleuthing I discovered they show up as bonus tracks on the Ocean Rain re-issue -- All You need is Love, Killing Moon, Stars are Stars and Villier's Terrace.

The Beatles tune may be on the box set I think but the others aren't. I wouldn't make such a big deal over live tracks normally but the semi-acoustic Stars Are Stars is really nice and the bongo / saxaphone intro to Villier's is extraordinary. Yes, I said bongo / saxaphone! Fans unfamiliar with this track would probably really enjoy it.

I already own Ocean rain on lp AND Cd so the re-issue seems a little overboard for me to get but if anyone ...

Thanks again Mr. Rich, the blog continues to delight.


Anonymous said...

thank you very much - great blog.