Thursday, January 11, 2007

Benny Hill - The Ultimate Collection

I do really wish I could remember where this little diamond came from, I would share proper thanks. Growing up in the late 70's afforded me many opportunitiesto enjoy The Benny Hill show and could explain the big boob fetish of many middle-aged men...hmmmm. Anyways, it seems every episode had at least one funny song in it and I am amazed there isn't a box set of these gems for us to enjoy . Just thinking of the show brings back many memories and I still get a kick out of 'Family Guy' when Stewie says it's time for one of his 'sexy parties' and it goes into the Benny Hill-esque chasing of scantilly-clad young ladies through the living room. Ah, good times. Hope you enjoy.

1. Gather in the Mushrooms
2. Transistor Radio
3. Harvest of Love
4. Pepy's Diary
5. Gypsy Rock
6. Piccolo Song
7. Lonely Boy
8. Moving on Again
9. Andalucian Gypsies
10. Egg Marketing Board Tango
11. Bamba
12. What a World
13. I'll Never Know
14. My Garden of Love
15. In the Papers
16. Golden Days
17. Flying South
18. Wild Women
19. Jose's Cantina
20. Rose
21. Those Days [Duet with Maggie Stredder] - Benny Hill, Maggie Stredder Singers
22. Old Fiddler
23. Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West)

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DaddyRich said...

Reimer said...

Chuckle, thanks. I'm always surprised at how Benny's very British humour caught on over there.

the UK's most PC/metropolitan terrestial TV channel ran a programme over Xmas, 'Is Benny Hill Still Funny?', based around reactions of a test audience too young, and too slick-looking to have much knowledge of his work (he was made an unperson in the late 80s over here). Surprisingly many of them dug it...

illustrationISM said...

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