Sunday, January 21, 2007

Faith No More - Fool's Small Victory (B-Sides, Rarities & Covers)

Another request answered for a great friend of the Ape, and although I am no great Faith No More fan - I can certainly respect what they have done in their long career. And the fact that Mike Patton is an undeniable bad-ass is irrefutable by anyone with any musical sense in their head. I may soon post a bunch of the Patton/Rahzel (of The Roots) concerts that I have here, and I have quite a friggin' few. This one's for you.

1 A Small Victory

2 The Perfect Crime

3 Let`s Lynch The Landlord

4 A Small Victory2

5 I`m Easy

6 Das Schutzenfest

7 A Small Victory3

8 Absolute Zero

9 I Started A Joke

10 Greenfields

11 A Small Victory4

12 RV

13 A Small Victory5

14 Mark Bowen

15 Surprise You`re Dead

16 Chinese Arithmetic

17 Midlife Crisis

18 Epic

19 We Care A Lot

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DaddyRich said...

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

GraySunday said...
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GraySunday said...

Hey Daddyrich, this has nothing to do with Faith No More, but I just uploaded a children's mix album (192kbps, mp3) that I thought you'd like your little one to listen to. Some of the songs are from the albums you uploaded and others are from my own collection. I hope you enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

One of my alltimes favourite bandas, they were brilliant. I remember their show here in Madrid with L7 in the Angel Dust Tour, it was incredible. Thank you very much.

Dose808 said...

Yet another great post!! What I really like about this one is there cover of "Easy" by the Commodores....priceless!! Thanks!!

DaddyRich said...

Thank you graysunday - always good to see you comment.

mark said...

Just like to say thanks for some absolutely superb music. Respect!

errie said...

Thumbs up rich for another great upload. You can't go wrong with Faith No More imo. Thnx....

@ graysunday....thnx a lot man!. I'm gonna grab it little one will be very happy with it. I've downloaded all the others Rich had posted here before. If you do have more than please share it...thnx again..

robertmuil said...

Much appreciated. A great idea. My favourite band. Delicious.

Anonymous said...

Just saw Borden play with Ozzy, made me remember what an amazing band FNM was.