Sunday, January 21, 2007

Alice In Chains - Publisher Demos 1989

I have searched high and low for more information on these, aside from what already seems obvious - they are demos from 1989. Apparently recorded for the publishing company before they were signed and broke out in their huge way. One of the very best to come from a city that is no stranger to birthing great bands. Sadly, Layne Staley was another heroin casualty from that era, why is herb just not good enough for some people? Anyways, great early Alice here and Cantrell's monstrous guitar chops are in evidence for all to marvel at.

Track Time Listeners
1 Suffragette City
2 Bleed the Freak
3 Social Parasite
4 We Die Young
5 Chemical Addiction
6 Sunshine
7 King of the Kats
8 The Real Thing
9 Killing Yourself
10 Sea of Sorrow
11 I Can't Remember
12 Queen of the Rodeo

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DaddyRich said...

errie said...

Thanks for some good old A.I.C. I'm gonna grab it. I have some of that old stuff but not this one.
Perfect upload as always..

Dominick said...

Ahwww maaaaaannnnn did i miss this one??? Please?

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