Friday, January 05, 2007

Pearl Jam - Mookie Blalock

Another new one to me. I always knew it was floating around but it had yet to float my way. Well now I share the love and good sounds. We can all thank the great (and still unresponsive) MikePuffy for sharing this and hope we get it out to some people who have been waiting as well. The prices that import record stores are charging for this makes it a duty to us to share it. These are pretty polished-up demos for the debut album "10" and if memory serves, they were recorded at the same time (or nearly) as the Mother Love Bone Tribute album 'Temple Of The Dog' was being put together. Am I the only one who just does not get the (albeit posthumous) big deal about them. I listened to their music with an ear towards appreciation and couldn't even muster up a shrug. Oh, boo-hoo another junkie died and made a few songs - let's lionize him. Sorry, digressing again. What is good from all that is that Pearl Jam was formed and continue to rock. I have also heard there is an 11-track version of this - anyone know for sure?

1. Evenflow
2. Once
3. Breath
4. Release
5. Girl
6. Alive
7. Goat
8. Alone

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DaddyRich said...

KarbonHed said...

Thanks for the share, kudos to the original sharer.

errie said...

Thnx for Pearl jam. Awsome upload and a fan should download this rarity. Hmm...i also heard that there was a 11 track version of this. I will ask around and let you know when i found something...

heather said...

Thanks, Rich! This is very cool, thanks for the MySpace direction for mt to visit. I've been stopping by regularly. I have the longer version of these same demos (I believe):

I haven't listened to this set yet, though, so I can't say for sure they are the same.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the download. You know, A. Wood's death was a big deal to those who played with him and knew him personally. That's where temple was comming from. Also, I think describing him and his death as somehow justifiable because he used heroin is totally heartless. It is not unusual for those who were dependent to clean up for quite some time, slip up once, and O.D. Thats what happend to him...not that it changes the loss.

DaddyRich said...

Dear Anonymous -

You are completely correct and I do apologize for my much-too familiar tone about it. Thanks for the heads-up. I was trying to make a larger (and lighter, apparently) point about the legendary status given to so many junkies who finish themselves before they earn their fame by the works they do while they lived.