Monday, January 15, 2007

Bauhaus - In The Flat Field (1998 Re-Issue)

It has been way too long since DaddyRIch has thrown out a Bauhaus post. I got the fever again when I was looking for little-listened to tracks to fill my iPod with and said to myself ,"It has been a long time since I listened to any Bauhaus..." So here we go with a re-issue of one their best albums. Even after all the ensuing years, it seems to me that Peter Murphy's voice is the greatest instrument in the band. That is taking nothing away from the great skills of David J, Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins - they are all very accomplished. He is that rare lead singer whose voice can be all over the place during any given song but it cannot be ignored and can easily be appreciated. This album contains many of my favorite Bauhaus tunes, including Double Dare, In The Flat Field and Spy In The Cab. Hopefully a few of you will enjoy as well - I may post more Bauhaus soon, but my rarities collection of them is woefully thin. A bit more from the interwebs -

"is CD retains the rather original album's rather daring cover art (a nude male figure) but adds eight tracks from early singles (though not "BelaĆ ," unfortunately) to the 4AD issue's nine. IN THE FLAT FIELD is classic and influential, a deadly combination. Though Bauhaus may be labeled as "Goth," the pealing feedback that opens the disc ("Dark Entries") and the anguished howl in the first line of "Double Dare" ("I dare you to be real!") prove that they arrive with the same punk rock pedigree as many of their contemporaries. Peter Murphy's vocals very nearly dominate the proceedings. By turns, he declaims, wails, and sings-even speaking in tongues on "Stigmata Martyr." His lyrics draw from popular culture, from Greek mythology, and from everything in between. The rhythm section of brothers David Jay (bass) and Kevin Haskins (drums) provides a flexible but extremely forceful backbone to Daniel Ash's squalling, often distorted, guitar sound. Make no mistake. This is a rock record-and one of the best, at that."

1. Dark Entries
2. Double Dare
3. In The Flat Field
4. God In An Alcove
5. Dive
6. Spy In The Cab
7. Small Talk Stinks
8. St. Vitus Dance
9. Stigmata Martyr
10. Nerves
11. Telegram Sam
12. Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
13. Terror Couple Kill Colonel
14. Scopes
15. Untitled
16. God In An Alcove
17. Crowds
18. Untitled

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DaddyRich said...

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Anonymous said...

so i'm not the only one who has problems finding a good bauhaus-bootleg... smile
as an aside - a nude male figure is daring cover-art? hm...

Nils said...

I haven't listened to this in years. This reminds me of how much I loved and still love Daniel Ash's guitar playing.
If you take Bela Lugosi and use it as the first track, it will all just fit on one perfect cd.

Anonymous said...

excellent debut