Monday, January 08, 2007

Dead Kennedys - Live & Alive

This little beauty is a live show from all the way back in 1984 - wow, 23 years this year. Damn, DaddyRich should be calling himself GrandDaddyRich pretty soon. Either way, I just love the Dead Kennedys and jumped on their bandwagon way too late, after I finally gave in to my inner punk around '93 or '94. So they were already well through with eachother by the time I caught on. So, I have been assembling a collection of everything I can find to make up for lost time ever since. I have also purchased many DK albums and a boatload of Alternative Tentacles t-shirts, so I hope Jello Biafra doesn't get too upset by this. This is also, apparently, a German import and as is the case with most of these, the song titles get lost in translation (I mean, seriously...'A Child And His Lawn Mother?') If you are a DK fan, you will have fun spotting these, but shoddy track-naming doesn't take away from the power of the music and words. Their like has not been seen very often since their demise but they did encourage many to not be afraid to say what they meant, even if it was an unpopular statement. I can't help but believe that Rage Against The Machine owes a large debt to them, even though Rage didn't cover them on the 'Renegades' album.

1 Man With the Dog
2 Forward to Death
3 Keep on Factory
4 Live Sentence
5 Trust Your Mechanic
6 Moral Majority
7 Forest Five
8 Winnebago Warrior
9 Police Jerk
10 Holiday in Cambodia
11 Let's Lynch the Landlord
12 Chemical Warfare
13 California Über Alles
14 Too Drunk To Fuck
15 Hope With the Jet
16 A Child and His Lawn Mother
17 Religious Vomit
18 MTV - Get off the Air
19 Rock O Rama
20 Goons of Hazard
21 Bleed For Me
22 Nazi Pigs Fuck Off (We've Got a Bigger Problem Now)

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DaddyRich said...

All praise due to SFRP!!!

Tbag said...

Thanks to you and SFRP!

Anonymous said...

i was at this show. i think it was at the old Ritz (now called Webster Hall)total jock-fest. by this time, the mosh pits were more like rugby scrums.

...king rico