Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Scratch - Original Soundtrack

Whoa - this one is on-point, my friends. If you love hip-hop in it's purest form then this is for your ears. I have not yet seen the movie but I am reasonably sure my boy Mike has got it somewhere. Here's the only description I could find online...

"Scratch is a feature-length documentary film that explores the world of the hip-hop DJ. From the birth of hip-hop, when pioneering DJ's began extending breaks on their party records (which helped inspire break dancing and rap), to the invention of scratching and "beat-juggling" vinyl, to its recent explosion as a musical movement called "turntablism," it's a story of unknown underdogs and serious virtuosos who are radically changing the way we hear, play and create music." This is the soundtrack. All tracks rare as f**k and a few def exclusives, check Rockit 2002, Transparent boss Herbie Hancock getting down with Mixmaster Mike, Grandmixer DST, Rob Swift, Q-Bert, Faust & Shortee and Babu. Lineup or what!!! Absolutely devestating stuff. Two new Rob Swift joints with Bill Laswell on the boards. Rare treats come from X-ecutioners with DJ Premier, Rob Swift, Invisble Scratch Piklz, DJ Disk, Eddie Def and the old school Boogie Boy and Kid Delight with Afrika Bambaataa. Rock solid and great entertainment, can't wait to see the film."

1. Prologue - Grand Wizard Theodore Speaks
2. Mixmaster Mike and DJ Disk Live
3. X-Ecutioners feat DJ Premier - Primos X-Ecution
4. Mixmaster Mike and DJ Disk
5. Rob Swift - Re-Animator
6. Interlude - Mixmaster Mike Speaks.
7. Herbie Hancock feat Mixmaster Mike, Grandmixer, DXT, Rob Swift, Q-Bert, Babu, Faust & Shortee - Roc
8. Interlude - Cut Chemist
9. Cat Five vs Snayk Eyez - Turntable Transformer
10. Interlude - Interlude
11. DJ Krush - Live
12. Grandmixer DST - Crazy 2 Crazy
13. Interlude - DJ Shadow Speaks
14. Invisibl Skratch Piklz - Invasion of the Octopus People
15. Interlude - Jazzy Jay and Afrika Bambaataa Speak
16. Boogie Boy - Kid Delight feat Afrika Bambaataa - All 4 One
17. Interlude - Afrika Bambaataa Speaks Again.
18. DJ Disk with Buckethead - Skin Cracked Canals
19. Interlude - Interlude
20. Grandmixer DST - Cut Transmitter
21. Eddie Def - Universal Noize Maker
22. Interlude - Q-Bert and Mixmaster Mike Speak
23. Rob Swift - My Style

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DaddyRich said...

Dose808 said...

This is awesome!!! I literally just watched this movie for the first time about 2 weeks ago and was blown away!!
Great insight on the dj history, present day, and future!! I hope you get to see it soon, you won't be disappointed!!

heather said...

Thanks! Awesome! I so enjoyed watching this movie a few months ago, I thought it was fantastic and highly recommend it:


Anonymous said...

thanks, awesome!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Now I gotta' see this movie.. here I come! Thanks for this! The turntable is soooo the instrument for the 21st century. Don't get me wrong, guitars will never fade, but I'm feeling that turntables may be the next guitar.

Anonymous said...

DJ DADDY RICH greats posts cheers