Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pearl Jam - Rough Mixes April 26, 1991

Oh I must in advance thank MikePuffy for making my Pearl Jam collection extra good lately. I wrote to him and am not so sure about his English apeaking/typing skills since he never wrote back. But I can vouch for my lack of Spanish skills - so damn this language barrier of ours, I have a friend willing to teach me Spanish and should take up the offer. But I digress. I now have a few more old rarities from this still-great band and am overjoyed at being able to share them with you all. This first installment (not chronologically, mind you) is the first album rough mixes ripped from cassette that were circulated among the record execs and band members before the debut album. It is quite a joy to hear as well and from what I have seen of their live concert footage - they still work every bit as hard today. So please join me in sharing the next few posts of Pearl Jam rarities that will be posted this week. More to come!

Side A
1. Once
2. Why Go
3. Evenflow
4. Garden
5. Black
6. Oceans (Version 1)

Side B
1. Release
2. Brother
3. Porch
4. Jeremy
5. Breathe
6. Deep
7. Alone
bonus tracks

8. Alive
9. Wash
10. I've Got A Feeling

really great stuff! Link in comments.


DaddyRich said...

mother said...

many thanx

super blog

-olli- said...

Thanks once more, this'll make at least four people happy - on my side I mean!
Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!

errie said...

Thnx again for Pearl jam. I had this one but i lost it somehow. Great that i can download it again. Keep them coming....

Anonymous said...

This stuff is great. your site is amazing.
One problem, I downloaded this and something is wrong with Even Flow, after about 25 seconds the sound goes out. The track keeps playing, there's just no sound. Please Help!