Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Cars - Studio Demos

Another one here that, sadly, I cannot find any more information on. It seems there are not a whole lot of Cars bootleg sets on the web. So, let's just say that here is 16 tracks of studio demo goodness for all the demo freaks out there who, like me, can never have enough music from their favorite bands. I guess it would be easy to say that The Cars were an under-rated band from the 1980's, but the fact is they were huge back then. The fact would be that they are largely ignored now as a seminal influence of many of the greatest bands in recent history - especially the mighty Weezer (who Ric Ocasek produced, as well). I may have one or two more Cars collections here and I will post when found. Hope you enjoy, this contains demos of some of their best songs.

01 My Best Friend's Girlfriend (Demo)
02 You're All I've Got Tonight (Demo)
03 Bye Bye Love (Demo)
04 Don't Cha Stop (Demo)
05 Take Me Now (Demo)
06 They Won't See You (Demo)
07 Moving in Stereo - All Mixed Up (Demo)
08 I'm in Touch with Your World (Demo)
09 Just What I Needed (Demo)
10 Hotel Queenie (Demo)
11 You Just Can't Push Me (Demo)
12 Take What You Want (Demo).
13 Wake Me Up (Demo)
14 Slipaway (Demo)
15 Ta Ta Wayo Wayo (Demo)
16 Leave or Stay (Demo)

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DaddyRich said...

Dgrador said...

The Cars debut album is incredible, can't wait to hear these demos.

the cruiser said...

Hey Daddy!

This isn't a bootleg. It's the bonus disc from the double disc reissue of The Cars first album.

Thanks for the music!

DaddyRich said...

ah, no wonder - thanks a lot cruiser! I sure do like it.

the KIDD said...

TOOO!!! COOL!!! Thank YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Merci pour celui-ci.