Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Beach Boys - Party! (Live album 1965)

I have been neglecting fans of the Beach Boys for too long (fans like myself) and will begin to rectify that wrong. I have many rarities and collections of their usic and am in the slow process of weeding out the undesirables and keeping the gems. So I start with this one, Party! It's nice to see them giving treatments of their favorites from other artists and the sound is pretty damn good considering the quality of recording equipment for live shows in this era. We have al heard those Beatles live bootlegs that just sound God awful and it makes you understand all the more their final decision to become a studo band. Just too much crowd noise and concert equipment had yet to evolve into giant stacks of amps that could be heard by the screaming crowd as well as monitors that would let the band hear themselves. Also, in Beatle-like speed they rip through this set, there must have been an unspoken agreement between artists of the era that all you owe the crowd is 30 minutes. But it is still awesome and the beginning of many posts to come. I almost dobuled this post up with 'Stack-O-Tracks', like it often packaged but didn't think anyone wanted what basically amounted to Beach Boys karaoke. Enjoy the Party!

1 Alley Oop Originally by Dante and the Evergreens
2 Barabara-Ann Originally by The Regents
3 Devoted to You Originally by The Everly Brothers
4 I Should Have Known Better Originally by The Beatles
5 Mountain of Love Originally by Harold Dorman
6 Tell Me Why Originally by The Beatles
7 There's No Other (Like My Baby) Originally by The Crystals
8 The Times They Are A-Changin' Originally by Bob Dylan
9 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away Originally by The Beatles

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DaddyRich said...

-olli- said...

Yeeaaahhhh - some Beach Boys... Way to go! Funny that I felt the same as you a week or two ago: I didn't listen to the Boys that much lately, oughtta change - thanks for assisting me!

subdubseattle said...

beach boys are always interesting to hear..but you know that the "Party" album was fabricated, right?
"An album put together by Brian Wilson in a couple of hours, to satisfy Capitol records' desperation for more Beach Boys 'product' while Brian was in the pre-planning stages for Pet Sounds.

The band (plus session drummer Hal Blaine on bongoes and Dean Torrence of Jan And Dean) bashed through a selection of oldies-but-mouldies and current favourites, overdubbed some 'party noise' on the top, and gave away a free bag of crisps with every copy.

The philistinism of the general public was confirmed when this became one of the band's most successful albums, and Barbara Ann one of their biggest-selling singles, at the expense of Pet Sounds and the singles from that."

as far as Stacks, Beach Boys backing tracks are awesome, but there's better stuff on all the Pet Sounds box sets/autopsys