Monday, November 27, 2006

Sublime - Everything Under The Sun Box Set (3 Discs)

I have previously mentioned my love for this band here before and will reitterate for all. When they were playing it was always a good time no matter where we had to go to see them, never once let down. Not too many bands that I have seen live were as on-point as these guys were. I haven't really seen anything on here I didn't already own, but not too many folks are as obsessive as DaddyRich about these things. Brad Nowell was a genius and an idiot and the world is that much poorer for his being gone. Go buy the box. Here's a little from the internets -

"Sublime's musical bouillabaisse drew on punk, folk, hip-hop, and reggae to make a soundtrack for a party attended by skaters, rastas, hippies, fratboys, and gangstas alike. It's no surprise, then, that a posthumous Sublime rarities box would result in perhaps the band's most eclectic offering yet. Composed of three CDs and a DVD of live performances and interviews, the collection follows Sublime from its origins as a band heavily influenced by the roots reggae of Bob Marley, the spiritual dub-punk of Bad Brains (a slew of covers of both artists attest to Sublime's fandom), and the righteous singalong fury of the Clash into a polished, commercially successful pop band with an infectious party-hearty vibe. The various outtakes, acoustic demos, live jams, and remixes (one of which features fellow Long Beach County brother Snoop Dogg) here bring into focus a band truly taken with the changing power of music, even if its mission was merely to ensure that everyone be allowed to follow their God-given right to an unfettered good time."

1. Roots Of Creation - (Demo)
2. Ebin - (O.G. Demo)
3. Ball And Chain - (Demo)
4. Date Rape Stylee - (Demo)
5. Perfect World - (Live In Studio)
6. Johnny Too Bad Freestyle - (Live In Studio)
7. Smoke Two Joints - (Live In Studio)
8. I'm Not A Loser - (I'm Not A Loser)
9. 91 Freestyle - (live)
10. KXLU Interview - (Live On Air)
11. DJ's - (Nowell)
12. Shame In Dem Game - (live, with HR)
13. Get Out! - (Acoustic)
14. Angelo - (4 Track)
15. Mic Control - (4 track)
16. Farther I Go - (studio)
17. One Cup Of Coffee / Judge Not - (studio)
18. Lou Makes Friends - (Live In Studio)
19. Greatest Hits - (Live In Studio)
20. Voodoo (Part 2) - (Original Demo)
1. Youth Are Getting Restless - (Live On Kuci Radio)
2. Scarlet Begonias - (Live On Kuci Radio)
3. Right Back - (live)
4. New Thrash - (live)
5. Jailhouse - (live)
6. Pawn Dub - (live)
7. STP - (live)
8. Badfish - (live)
9. House Of Suffering - (live)
10. We're Only Gonna Die - (live)
11. Great Stone - (live)
12. WBCN Interview 1 - (Live On Radio)
13. Saw Red - (Live On Radio)
14. Wbcn Interview 2/Minor Threat - (Live On Radio)
15. Legalize It - (Dave Aron mix, alternate take)
16. 5446 - (live)
17. All You Need - (Ashworth mix, live)
18. Foreman Freestyle - (Live In Studio)
19. Prophet - (Demo)
20. Miami - (Original Demo)
1. Marley Medley - (Studio Outtake)
2. Paddle Out - (Ruff mix, alternate take)
3. Caress Me Dub - (Outtake)
4. Foolish Fool - (previously unreleased, Demo)
5. Westwood One Interview - (Live On Radio)
6. 89 Vision - (previously unreleased, studio)
7. Sweet Little Rosie - (studio, Outtake)
8. Garden Grove - (take 2, Original Demo)
9. Just Another Day - (studio, Outtake)
10. Prince Of Sin - (studio, Outtake)
11. I Love My Dog Dub - (studio, Outtake)
12. At It Again - (Nowell)
13. Wrong Way - (Acoustic)
14. New Realization - (Acoustic)
15. Boss DJ - (alternate take)
16. Real Situation - (Acoustic)
17. Date Rape - (live)
18. Soundcheck Jam - (live)
19. Doin' Time - (Snoop Time remix)
20. Doin' Time - (Tricked Out Life Sentence By DJ Spooky remix)

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Disc 1 -

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matt said...

Another great musician took early because of addiction. Thanks for sharing this gem.

Anonymous said...

i am old and cranky but music is my addiction that won't make life a [living ?]hell.hi from greece and thanx!!!!

Anonymous said...

awesome...thanks for this. Sublime's one of my favorites but money's way too tight to buy it right now so at least I can hear it.

Anonymous said...

The first link doesn't work

Anonymous said...

please.... fix the link for the first disc.....please...