Monday, November 06, 2006

The Cure - Curiosity (The Cure Live & Anomalies 1977-1984 on Fiction Records)

A great one that takes me way back to my first days of scouring the back bins of The Mad Platter and Rhino Records in my youth. My friend Dave was the big Cure fan and I (if you can believe it) was a Smiths fan and we always shopped and shared our music. Pay day would come and we'd hook up and hit the road and spend a much-too-large portion of our individual paychecks (living at home with parents let's you do that) on music and fast food. His search was long and arduous for this little gem and it was way over-priced but when you have to have know how it goes. This a great early document of the band and the b-side of the tape had cuts from Robert Smith's personal collection - how cool is that? I saw a 1980's music show on VH1 the other day - some crap about one-hit wonders or 'where are they now?' and some talking head , who just because they are on some crappy tv show or blew the producer is an expert on music of course (I digress, again), said they were surprised that The Cure still performs and you can still see kids with too much eye-liner swaying to the music at their shows. Like it's some big surprise that this group is still around. It's no accident or the fact that there's always a new batch of teenagers wanting to listen to gloomy music. The Cure are just a great band, pure and simple. Robert Smith is a songwriter of great skill and knowledge of song crafting. He has shown many times, quite successfully, that he can write music that will sell records and put new fans asses in seats but he sticks to what challenges him and sounds good to the fans he enjoys having. So, I offer this to you kind folks and hope you enjoy as well. My only caveat before you download - for whatever reason there are 2 songs missing on the A Side (This was a tape when released - you know what audio tapes are, right? I don't think they are made anymore) these being 'Primary' and 'Charlotte Sometimes' and I will find these and offer this again soon in it's entire glory.

A1 Shake Dog Shake
A2 Primary (missing)
A3 Charlotte Sometimes (missing)
A4 The Hanging Garden
A5 Give Me It
A6 The Walk
A7 One Hundred Years
A8 A Forest
A9 10:15 Saturday Night
A10 Killing An Arab
B1 Heroin Face
B2 Boys Don't Cry
B3 Subway Song
B4 At Night
B5 In Your House
B6 The Drowning Man
B7 Other Voices
B8 The Funeral Party
B9 All Mine
B10 Forever (Version)

What a mess - it will be fixed, but the songs are great! Find the link, if you can....


DaddyRich said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one, and all goth-tinged stuff.

Yours is one of the best music blogs I've ever come across -- populist but ecclectic. Most importantly, not trendy.

Silence7 said...

"scouring the back bins of The Mad Platter and Rhino Records" I was just at Mad Platter Sunday! Not called Mad Platter anymore, now it's called, "Sounds Like Music" Lame, yes! The store is exactly the way it's always been. Picked up a couple CD's David J., The Exploited - Horror Epics, and the new Skinny Puppy.

I love that shop!