Thursday, November 16, 2006

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Live Rare Remix Box (Import)

I had never even heard of the existence of this 'box' until I downloaded it last year and although it's not the gretaest thing ever - it's still damn good. The main part of having this would be for the unreleased songs and live cuts, I could do without the remixes (which are so rarely any good). So , my information on this comes from online -
Amazon has this to say-

"1994 Warner Brothers release featuring 13 tracks, all non-album cuts! Includes live versions of 'Give It Away', 'SuckMy Kiss', 'I Could Have Lied' & 'Nobody Weird Like Me', the'Coneheads' hit 'Soul To Squeeze', the cult fave 'Fela'sCock', their interpretation of the Stooges' 'Search &Destroy', mixes of 'Give It Away' and 'If You Have To Ask'and more! Each disc comes in a separate standard jewel case &all three are housed together in an embossed, colorful, CD-sized slipcase box."

1. Give It Away (Live)
2. Nobody Weird Like Me (Live)
3. Suck My Kiss (Live)
4. I Could Have Lied (Live)
5. Soul To Squeeze (Non-Album Track)
6. Fela's Cock (Non-Album Track)
7. Sikamikanico (Non-Album Track)
8. Search And Destroy (Non-Album Track)
9. "Give It Away (12"" Mix)
10. Give It Away (Rasta Mix)
11. If You Have To Ask (The Disco Krisco Mix)
12. If You Have To Ask (Scott & Garth Mix)
13. If You Have To Ask (The Friday Night Fever)

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DaddyRich said...

Anonymous said...

I have this box, it was one of those overpriced things since many of the songs were b-sides too, but nice to own anyways.

Thanx for the share!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah and Sikamikanico should be in anyone´s collection! I find it a shame they don´t make em like that anymore..