Monday, November 13, 2006

Queen - Royal Rarities Disc 1

Ah, the greatest voice in rock and roll is here in fine form. Oddly enough, my searches online have not yielded a collection with the same track listing I have here on this disc. There are apparently a few from the 'Royal Rarities' set but they have vastly different sound, songs and quality. I am perfectly satisfied with this one, though - so I hope you will be as well. I already figured any fan of Queen rarities would have in their collection the excellent 'Unobtainable Royal Chronicles' set (if you don't - just ask) so I decided to make this 'Royal Rarities' my first Queen-related post. Please just ignore the disco-club remixes and cover versions by far inferior bands and feast upon the demo's & rarities.

1. Under Pressure (Rah Mix) (Featuring David Bowie)
2. Keep Yourself Alive (1973 Langham I Studio Demo)
3. Lost Opportunity
4. I Want It All (Demo Extract)
5. Back Chat (12" Version)
6. Liar (1971 De Lane Lea Studio Demo)
7. Hammer To Fall (Headbanger's Mix)
8. A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling
9. State Of Shock (Demo) (Performed By Freddie Mercury & Michael Jackson)
10. Invincible Hope (Featuring Nelson Mandela)
11. Delilah (Demo Extract)
12. Action This Day (Demo)
13. Man On The Prowl (12" Version)
14. Flick Of The Wirst (1974 Maida Vale 4 Studio Demo)
15. Extracts From The Recording Of _bohemian Rhapsody
16. Under Pressure (Performed By The Used & My Chemical Romance).mp3
17. Stone Cold Crazy (Performed By Metallica)

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Cheers m8 I loved them so this will be great to hear

Anonymous said...

The "Unobtainable Royal Chronicles" would be lovely my dear.