Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Queen - Rock In Rio 1985

Need any more be said? It's Queen in 1985, at the peak of their powers and in front of hundreds of thousands of crazy Brazilians. Oh, if I had been old enough to see Queen perform then, but at 14 I didn't have the money or the passport necessary for the deal. This is a great document of the legendary band and the sound is simply awesome considering the date and technology available at the time. I have a nasty feeling that much more Queen will be available this month - thanks to all who had writtne so kindly asking for more. Daddy can't refuse the kind requests.

1. Tie Your Mother Down
2. Seven Seas of Rhye
3. Keep Yourself Alive
4. Liar
5. It's a Hard Life
6. Now I'm Here
7. Is This the World We Created?
8. Love of My Life
9. Brighton Rock
10. Hammer to Fall
11. Bohemian Rhapsody
12. Radio Ga Ga
13. I Want to Break Free
14. We Will Rock You
15. We Are the Champions
16. God Save the Queen

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...I saw this great show (11.Jan.1985). More of 100. thousand people... and I cried.