Thursday, November 30, 2006

Beck - 1992 Demo Tape (Buck Fuck, Iowa)

Another wonderful little slice of demo heaven for DaddyRich. I have already expressed my love for the music of the worlds most famous non-insane Scientologist. A lot like Sublime did around the same time - he mixed together seemingly disparate musical elements and made them beautiful. Blues, hip-hop, electro-funk, folk and so many more styles pieced together just right. There are a few other early Beck demo tapes that I will be posting soon for you kind people. So stay tuned. Also - pay to see the man in concert if you can - I missed a great show last year (due to serios flu) and watched the webcast and it was seriously dope. Daddy wouldn't lie to you.

"Tough Fuckin' Shit" (3:49)
"Fuck You Up and Get High" (0:52)
"Satan was Way Cool" (2:38)
"Blah Blah Blah Blah" (1:43)
"Mmmmmmmmmm" (2:16)
"When the Water Will Take Back the Land" (2:30)
"Run from the World" (1:57)
"In This World" (3:32)
"That Highway Won't Get You to Heaven" (2:54)
"Ace of Spades" (2:50)
"She was a Beautiful Woman" (2:42)
"I've Just Seen a Facelift" (1:53)
"Trash Can" (1:21)
"Are You Positive?" (3:00)

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DaddyRich said...

bluesmutt said...

I agree completely. After listening to music for so long even the best sometimes seems like the same old same old. Beck and Sublime are in a rare group of musicians that have combined numerous styles to make something truly original. I would add early Gorillaz stuff to that list too.

Thanks & Cheers

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errie said...

Hey Rich,

Thanks a lot for this!. Beck is an unique artist. I'm gonna grab this one.

b.LOUD said...
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b.LOUD said...

What I meant to say was ....
July 1st, 2008.
Link still WORKS!
Thanks again.