Thursday, November 16, 2006

Queen - The Unobtainable Royal Chronicle Vol. 1

Since we can all agree that Queen is universally loved and respected - I have been requested to post some more rarities. This is a great place to start, The Unobtainable Royal Chronicle has such a regal ring to it, does it not? Some great rarities here that have proven difficult to find for some and impossible for others. The first 12 tracks are some hard-to-find Queen songs that we are all familiar with, in one form or another and the final tracks are Freddie Mercury performing as "Larry Lurex" (don't ask because I don't know) and 3 tracks from Brian May's pre-Queen band, Smile. I have many more Queen rarities and boots laying around here in my office and hard drive and will post more as we continue along here my friends.

01 - One Vision (extended 12" )
02 - Blurred Vision (B - Side Of One Vision)
03 - Keep Passing The Open Windows (extended)
04 - Thank God It's Christmas
05 - I Go Crazy (b-side of Radio Ga - Ga)
06 - Man On The Prowl (Extended 12" )
07 - Under Pressure (studio take)
08 - Soul Brother (b - side of Under Pressure)
09 - A Human Body (b - side of Play The Game)
10 - See What A Fool I've Been (b - side of Seven Seas Of Rhye)
11 - Misfire (unpublished demo)
12 - Mad The Swine (B - Side Of Headlong)
13 - I Can Hear Music (Freddie Mercury as Larry Lurex)
14 - Goin' Back (Freddie Mercury as Larry Lurex)
15 - Earth (Smile)
16 - Step On Me (Smile)
17 - Blag (Smile)

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