Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Muppet Show - 25th Anniversary Collection : Music, Mayhem & More!

Who among us (old farts, that is) doesn't fondly recall the family gathering around the old television around dinner time to watch The Muppets? A very warm memory for most all of us. Although as I grew older I didn't really get too much out of the Muppet Movies after the first 2. I grew wiser and realized why I did not get anything was because I was no longer their target audience (sigh), thus an official 'old fart'. I have half-a-mind to go and buy the dvd set of this wonderful series but it is, at the moment, QUITE cost-prohibitive. Until I can get those, this music will suffice and bring a smile whenever played - and I hope it will do the same for you and yours.

1. The Muppet Show Theme / Jim Henson 0:54
2 Mahna Mahna/Lullaby of Birdland / Jim Henson 2:16
3 There's a New Sound / Richard Hunt 2:17
4 Lady of Spain / Frank Oz 1:38
5 Trees / Richard Hunt 0:39
6 A Monolouge by Fozzie Bear / Jim Henson 1:51
7 Bein' Green / Jim Henson 2:13
8 Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear / Richard Hunt 1:56
9 Tenderly / Jim Henson 2:00
10 Wishing Song / Dave Goelz 2:27
11 What Now My Love? / Frank Oz 2:16
12 Happy Feet / Jim Henson 1:37
13 We Got Us / Jim Henson 1:23
14 Closing Theme Instrumental 0:57
15 Rainbow Connection / Jim Henson 3:15
16 Movin' Right Along / Jim Henson 2:56
17 Can You Picture That? / Jim Henson 2:31
18 Finale: The Magic Store / Dave Goelz 5:18
19 Hey a Movie! / Jim Henson 2:41
20 Happiness Hotel / Jim Henson 3:05
21 The First Time It Happens / Jim Henson 4:11
22 Together Again / Jim Henson 2:53
23 I'm Gonna Always Love You / Jim Henson 2:56
24 He'll Make Me Happy / Jim Henson 2:04
25 One More Sleep 'Til Christmas / Steve Whitmire 2:49
26 Love Led Us Here / Frank Oz 2:22
27 I'm Going to Go Back There Someday {Muppets from Space Version} / Dave Goelz 3:28

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errie said...

Thanks for this daddyrich. Again you made my little girl very happy! Glad to find a place were someone like you is willing to upload this. Keep it up and keep it coming please....

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much...I find lots of music for me to relive my youth...but hard to find treats for my grandchildren. Thanks again.