Friday, November 17, 2006

Bill Cosby - Why Is There Air?

Ah yes, back to the classic comedy sharing. Cosby is, of course, an obviuos choice - although nowadays a seemingly over-safe one to some. This was the first Cosby album I heard as a kid and you cannot argue with the man's genius at telling stories. He may seem to be a bit of anachronism and comedy-laureate now (by his own actions). He first seemed to fall out of touch, to me, when he decided he had to be the one to chastise Eddie Murphy for his language. That was an arrogant move but I believe his motives were good and he thought he was trying to help the youth (like me) who were constantly quoting Murphy's performances. Any well-rounded comedy education has to include Cosby as one of the triumvirate of the long comedy career legends - Cosby, Richard Pryor (oh so much Richard Pryor coming soon) and George Carlin. Many other great comics but they didn't have the same staying power - usually owed to their own self-destruction (Lenny Bruce comes to mind...). There are plenty of comics today who would look at Bill and his refusal to work "blue" (as it were) and immediately think him a dinosaur, but those would be fools. That to me, is like rap music fans who began listening when N.W.A. came out and thought nothing came before them. With that lack of historical perspective you end up with one-note comics and rappers like Eminem - but I digress. So - much more classic and new comedy to come for you and your friends to enjoy.

1. Kindergarten
2. Personal Hygiene
3. Shop
4. Baby
5. Driving In San Francisco
6. $75 Car
7. Toothache, The
8. Hofstra

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DaddyRich said...

Anonymous said...

Than you Very, very much for all this amazing music.
I´m in Madrid, Spain, and i check your blog everyday.
Have you any Jane´s Addiction's jewell?
Anyway, again, thank you very much.

All the best.


Fearless said...

This album is a classic I remember listening to it every day for 4 months while I was in 5th grade

Paptoad said...

Thanks a bunch, daddyrich!

Great share, and an even greater blog!


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Anonymous said...

Where can a person find "Hickey-Burr" or whatever his '60s NBC TV theme song was called? It rocked.

caldanitbrad said...

Cos is the tops. Intelligent without being profane, and even nostalgic.

Thanks for the exposure.