Thursday, November 30, 2006

Camper Van Beethoven - Camper Vantiquities

The great Camper Van needs no introduction from this old fart so I leave it to the handy pundits at cduniverse.

"CAMPER VANTIQUITIES is a collection of rarities, outtakes, and B-sides (including the excellent VAMPIRE CAN MATING OVEN EP), and is compiled from material recorded in the mid-1980s (but released by IRS in '93). Nevertheless, it displays a focus and sophistication (especially in the significant songwriting chops of David Lowery) not evident on the band's earlier, zanier releases. In this way, the album looks ahead to the clarity Camper would achieve on OUR BELOVED REVOLUTIONARY SWEETHEART and KEY LIME PIE. "Never Go Back" and "Seven Languages" show Lowery's development in the way the songs marry narrative to hooks. The lazy country of "Guardian Angels," the electro-new wave of "Ice Cream Everyday," and the warped, Eastern European folk of "Processional" prove the band had lost none of its facility for stylistic whiplash. Titles like "We Workers Do Not Understand Modern Art" and "We Eat Your Children" confirm that the band's quirky humor is fully intact. CAMPER VANTIQUIES is an intriguing sampler of a band en route from slap-dash underground beginnings to establishing an assured voice."

1. Heart
2. Never Go Back
3. Seven Languages
4. Axe Murderer Song
5. SP37957
6. Crossing Over
7. Guardian Angels
8. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
9. A.C. Cover
10. Porpoise Mouth
11. We Workers Do Not Understand Modern Art
12. We Eat Your Children
13. Six More Miles To The Graveyard
14. Ice Cream Everyday
15. Processional
16. Photograph

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