Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Richard Pryor - That Nigger's Crazy (Disc 2 of 'And It's Deep, too')

My first Richard Pryor album in my wayward youth and it forever changed my mind and use of language. I blame Richard for all the cussing I do in my everyday conversations - 'motherfucker' is a word I use at least 20 times a day. This particular nugget isn't from a vinyl rip like most of my other Pryor joints, it is from the amazing 'And It's Deep, Too' 9 disc set that was long overdue and welcomed by me (and so many others) as a gift from above, much like Richard himself. I am playing with the idea of putting the whole set here, so keep your eyes open.

1. I Hope I'm Funny
2. Nigger With A Seizure
3. Have Your Ass Home By 11:00
4. Black And White Lifestyles
5. Exorcist
6. Wino Dealing With Dracula
7. Flying Saucers
8. Back Down, The
9. Black Man/White Woman
10. Niggers Versus Police
11. Wino And Junkie

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DaddyRich said...


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Thanks Daddy xx

Anonymous said...

Really, thanks for this. I appreciate it greatly.

fab said...

Gotta love Richard, thanks for that.

evol said...

brilliant thank you so much :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you and best wishes!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for this and please post the other 8 if your inclined to do so i would be most grateful!

Anonymous said...

thank you!! you da' man daddy!! i lost this album in 1977 and haven't got it back till now "Q"