Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bert & Ernie's Greatest Hits

One of the many sublime joys of having your own blog is to post waht pleases you. I love Sesame Street and watching my sons watching Sesame Street has brought me the greatest amount of joy. Scientific studies have concluded (conclusively) that if you do not enjoy Sesame Street you are either , 1. stupid or 2. in need of serious help (to prevent the oncoming stupidity). Hopefully someone with children around their house has been looking for this one and I have helped you. These are always great and if I ever get the dvd's I may post them as well, but the price is pretty steep at the moment. So listen ans try to remember a much simpler time in your lives that held more laughter and wonder.

1. Rubber Duckie - (with Ernie)
2. All Dressed Up - (with Bert & The Anything People)
3. Dee, Dee, Dee - (with Ernie)
4. Clink Clank - (with Bert)
5. High, Middle, Low - (with Bert & Ernie/Herbert Birdsfoot)
6. Imagination - (with Ernie & Bert/Big Bird/Oscar The Grouch/Herbert Birdsfoot/Prairie Dawn/Grover)
7. La, La, La - (with Bert & Ernie)
8. But I Like You - (with Bert & Ernie)
9. Pat Pat Patty Pat - (with Bert & Ernie/Herbert Birdsfoot/Big Bird/Prairie Dawn/Grover/Oscar The G...
10. Up Goes The Castle - (with Ernie)
11. Doin' The Pigeon - (with Bert)
12. Lonesome Joan - (with Bert & Ernie)
13. I Don't Want To Live On The Moon - (with Ernie)
14. National Association Of "W" Lovers, The - (with Bert)
15. Dance Myself To Sleep - (with Bert & Ernie)

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DaddyRich said...

Anonymous said...

guess who....
the tots are gonna dig this. thanks for posting something for the shorter set, there's only so much of mommys music that they can recite without embarrasing stares.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rich. Not very often do you find stuff for the kiddo's posted on a music blog that's for sure. ;) My daughter has already outgrown this, but I'm sure someone out there will enjoy it. Besides, they sure don't make many quality kids shows like SS anymore! you have any Wiggles stuff? For me...not my daughter. lol. :)

GraySunday said...

Nice! My son will love this! *And I will too*

errie said...

Thanks a lot for posting this. Awsome if you ask me and nowhere else to be found. Keep it coming daddyrich....

Katoj said...

my sis is complaining to me that her 2-year old doesn't have the attention span to wait through the longer, less-catchy songs on her children's albums - and would I please edit out and re-burn the shorter, more singalongie numbers. i'm wondering if this is an indication of a trend toward split second attention spans of today's generation dvd.

i'll give her a dose of the old school bert & ernie to see if she loves it - or implodes with boredom...