Monday, November 06, 2006

The Smiths - You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby (Rare Tracks Compilation)

Now there is nothing too new here for the die-hards, but it is a nice little collection regardless. If you are practically over-flowing with Smiths music and rarities than this may be something you already have. I have tracks that are on this disc on about 50 other bootlegs it seems. But, the feel of the album and the way the tracks flow is done quite well and it also includes a few of the Sandie Shaw rarities that aren't often heard by anyone. Some Peel & Troy Tate Sessions are here, along with some live and alternate takes. As well as the wonderful 'Work Is A Four Letter Word', which for so long was only to be found (here in the U.S.) on a Sire Records compilation. So, Smiths fans unite and press 'play'!

01 Jeane
02 Wonderful Woman
03 Pretty Girls make Graves ( Troy Tate )
04 This Charming Man ( John Peel )
05 Accept Yourself ( Troy Tate )
06 The Hand That Rocks The Cradle ( Troy Tate )
07 Hand In Glove ( Sandie Shaw )
08 I Don¥t Owe You Anything ( Sandie Shaw )
09 Jeane ( Sandie Shaw )
10 Please Help The Cause Againt Loneliness ( Sandie Shaw )
11 Steven, You Don¥t Eat Meat ( Sandie Shaw )
12 How Soon Is Now? ( Alternate Take )
13 Money Changes Everything
14 I Keep Mine Hidden
15 Work Is A Four Letter Word
16 Jeane ( Live 83 )
17 What Do You See In Him? ( Live 83 )
18 Purple Haze ( Soundcheck 86 )
19 What¥s The World ( Live 83 )e
20 Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others ( Live 86 )
21 Shoplifters Of The World ( Live 87 )
22 Meat Is Murder ( The Pretenders e Johhny Marr )

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DaddyRich said...

karatte said...

Thanx a lot! Koool music.

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Katoj said...

i only wish these songs were new to me. what a joy it was everytime a new smiths album came out. nothing else like it...

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much! I've just made myself sick by looking back through all your old posts and seeing all the stuff I've missed. So glad I found your blog though.