Friday, November 03, 2006

Lewis Black - Rules Of Enragement

I am going to get ahead of myself and figure all of you good people are already familiar with the great Mr. Black from his stints on The Daily Show. His stand up is so much better because he doesn't have to worry about Comedy Central's censors bleeping his unique views when he utters them. I also have a very funny Jon Stewart disc for a show he did at Cornell but the sound is absolute shite, if I find a better one you can be sure it'll be available here the very next day. So, sit back and relax as Lewis lays it down for you all and, chances are you will find yourself nodding your head and agreeing with him. If not, have no fear - I will be bound to post one comedy album you may like eventually. Unfortunately so much topical comedy is extremely polarized in it's expression of political views. I happen to find the comedians who are considered "too far to the left" the most funny and inventive. So you can be sure that I will be branded a Liberal blah blah blah for most of my comedy posts. Are there any funny comedians who are firmly in the camp of the, God forgive me "the Right"? Maybe Ann Coulter, but she's not even trying to be funny - she is just scary. Also, please don't get me started on what became of Dennis Miller....

1. Minnesota Winters
2. The Settling Of Minnesota
3. The Coldest Winter EVER!
4. International Travel
5. Ireland & Health
6. Health Clubs
7. Small Pox
8. Greed
9. Who's Fucking Who
10. Homeland Security
11. Bringing Democracy To Iraq
12. The War In Iraq
13. A Sense Of Humor

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DaddyRich said...

GraySunday said...

Do you have any Dane Cook?

DaddyRich said...

I certainly do and will post one here tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

dane cook is a silly bitch:)

Lewis Black is awesome.


Anonymous said...

cant wait to listen to this.thanks a bunch dude Y-E-S!!!!

Witchnose said...

Great post - love him! Some Sarah Silverman would be a nice companion to this...
Thanks for your work.