Thursday, November 09, 2006

Joy Division - Lost Treasures (Recorded 1977-1980 Studio Record+Outtakes)

This one has been sitting dormant for a little while on the hard drive because not too many folks downloaded the last Joy Division post before it got killed. Maybe many had been turned of by the gloomy image and reputation of the band but I never really saw it that way. What ruined Joy Division for me when they were still around and even early New Order for me were their fans. They were among the most gloomy, spoiled little punks I had ever had the misfortune of having to sit through 6th grade with. Also, at the time I was really trying rap like I was Grandmaster Melle Mel and the great music coming from Britain was still a few years away from penetrating my brain. I am pretty slow to come around but eventually I do, and today still find myself listening to both with equal ardor and hope all of you good folks will as well.

Tracks 1-11 Arrow Studios May 1978
Tracks 12-16 Pennine Studios June 1979
Tracks 17-20 Central Sounds Studio July 1979

1. The Drawback
2. Leaders Of Men
3. Walked In Line
4. Failures
5. Novelty
6. No Love Lost
7. Transmission
8. Ice Age
9. Interzone
10. Warsaw
11. Shadowplay
12. These Days
13. Candidate
14. The Only Mistake
15. Chance (Atmosphere)
16. Atrocity Exhibition
17. Transmission
18. Novelty
19. Dead Souls
20. Something Must Break

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DaddyRich said...

Anonymous said...

hmm... this weird url doesnt redirect to the download obviously..
cheers for the great music..

btw I downloaded the last JD album ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Muito Obrigado
Eu Adoro Joy Division

Big Thanks
I like Joy Division, I love this band.
My Name is Beto, I´m Brazilian Man

Welcome in

KevinG said...

I found your blog by chance yesterday evening. I'm downloading the Joy Division as I type. I downloaded the Bowie earlier and The Doors last night. You've zoomed to the top of my music blog bookmarks!

Many thanks from someone else who is also old and boring ...

KevinG said...

I've had to come back and say thank you again for this Joy Division bootleg. I thought I had everything worth having by them but I was wrong. The second two sessions are the best but it's all excellent.

A second league JD song like Something Must Break sounds absolutely manic in the version here. Other stand-outs are These Days, Atrocity Exhibition and Chance (Atmosphere). Also great to hear them tightening and speeding up the first single proper, Transmission. I remember when the single first came out and was played in my local independent record store (NE England) and the reaction to it was almost physical. The track ended and the stylus was placed back at the beginning of the grooves so we could all hear it again.

Really, many, many thanks.

Loren said...

Your blog is on my favorites and this is one of my favorite bands. thanks

SamIam said...

I've always felt the same way about JD and their "fans", same for many of the early gothic bands, great music, off-putting "scene". There is so much more to the music than the surficial "gloom and doom" of the lyrics.

Thanks for the post and congrats on a great site.

Cheers, SamIam

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Anonymous said...

thank you so much - i had been looking for this cd for a year. it's fast become my favorite cd of any artist, let alone joy division. you are incredible!