Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nine Inch Nails - Fixed EP

Not a whole lot behind this little gems inclusion today beside the fact I was just playing it last night and was impressed at how well it has aged. I was a bit perplexed with this for a minute after the brilliant Pretty Hate Machine (Broken took a little while to grow as well) but I got over it quickly.

A quick blurb -

"Having caught the public's attention with his catchy, chart- topping PRETTY HATE MACHINE, Trent Reznor was free to experiment with music less accessible to the mainstream. While his more fickle fans were disappointed with BROKEN, the faithful heard in it Reznor's true genius. Dark and edgy, BROKEN cuts the silence like a dirty knife--no singalong anthems here. Only hard-hitting rhythms and no-holds-barred metal riffs flavor this sophomore effort. In BROKEN one can hear the artist maturing and simplifying his craft; Reznor succeeds here without relying on the trappings of pop formulas. The product of a burst of creative energy, BROKEN spawned a companion release of remixes, titled FIXED. From the tight, rapid-fire succession of chords that begins "Pinion" to the beautiful and dreamy jingling guitar of "Help Me I Am in Hell," BROKEN proved that Reznor was to remain a force in the alternative music scene."

1. Pinion
2. Wish
3. Last
4. Help Me I Am In Hell
5. Happiness In Slavery
6. Gave Up

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Anonymous said...

Great post Rich. I have this CD and actually like it better than Broken to some extent. I used to listen to this when it came out with the lights off when I was alone and always dug on the various sounds coming at you from all around. Classic stuff! Happiness in Slavery is fantastic and Screaming Slave is absolutely brutal! ;)

Anonymous said...

I Agree... wayyyy better than broken