Monday, November 20, 2006

Jane's Addiction - Live Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre July 23, 1991

I posted this because I was cleaning up the old blog the other day and couldn't believe that I had not posted more Jane's Addiction already. There is just so much damn good music that I sometimes forget to keep putting up new bands each week, it gets so easy to get caught up when people request 'just one more' from a previous band post. This is yet another group I have unbounded love for, the lyrics and the music are so perfectly married that I am glad they are still around (although I haven't realy listened to 'Strays' yet, I am afraid to be disappointed and have been putting it off...) because most great bands don't last half as long as they did, even before their first hiatus. Another disc to thank Tracy for, she kept playing it until it grew on me - so thanks. A great live show from one of the best ever - another feaky L.A. psychedelic band, I am sensing a pattern here. I should mix it up a bit on the next post...

1. up the beach
2. whores
3. standing in the shower
4. ain't no right
5. intro to three days
6. three days
7. been caught stealing
8. don't call me nigger, whitey
9. 1%
10. ted, just admit it
11. then she did
12. mountain song
13. stop!
14. ocean size
15. classic girl

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DaddyRich said...

Disc 1 -

Disc 2 -

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this album.
They are one of my favorite bands. I remember there show in Madrid (Ritual de los Habitual Tour) as the best of my life.
¿Do you like Faith no more? I Think they were really cool. And alive...Killers.

Mahou (Madrid, Spain)

Tbag said...

Great one.

Anonymous said...

Jane is always a good choice to post.... cheers

bags4112 said...

Great post. Thanks a lot.

And great pic of Dave's hair.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all this awesome music. Or should I curse you because I am going to need to buy another hard drive to house all the kickass tunes you are sharing?
In all seriousness, I'm really glad I stumbled across your blog. Great great stuff.
Thanks again!

leonardo said...