Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Queens Of The Stone Age & Quiksilver Present - Satellites Of The Stone Age (Bands related to the QOTSA Family)

A nice little rarity that was given to a few at the Lollapalooza that the QOTSA were billed on. It's proven pretty difficult to find at the usual import record store outlets and is shown to be pretty pricey for online purchase. I have recently found quite a bit of Kyuss/Queens of The Stone Age and related bands material if anyone is interested. This is some good rock and roll here and the Unkle Reconstruction is every bit as you would expect from Unkle. So, sit back and light one up and enjoy the groove.

1. Wanta Make It Wit Chu - Queens Of The Stone Age
2. Powedered Wig Machine - Queens Of The Stone Age
3. Fuck Yeah I'm Free - Mondo Generator
4. So high So Low - Mondo Generator
5. I Only Want You - Eagles Of Death Metal
6. Shit Goddam - Eagles Of Death Metal
7. Methamphetamin Blues - Mark Lanegan Band
8. Lexington Slow Down - Mark Lanegan Band
9. Freeway - Enemy
10. Sucker - Enemy
11. No One Knows - Unkle Reconstruction

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