Friday, November 17, 2006

Dance & Sing! - The Best Of Nick Jr.

Since my last post for the kiddo's went over so well - I figured why not leave another? Now who else but Daddy would share with you these kids albums plus all the classic goodness you find regularly here? Nobody else, that's who. Anywhoo.... if you are around your kids even 1/4 of the time I am around mine then you are pretty familiar with these songs. A lot of show theme's from Nick Jr.'s best and songs from within the shows themselves. All the best one's are represented here - Dora The Explorer, Blue's Clues, Little Bill and others. I am feeling generous so parents can look forward to many more to come. I hope you and your little one's enjoy!

1. Doo Doo Tee Doo
2. Freres Jacques
3. Country Hop
4. Colors
5. Tracing Shapes
6. Funky Jelly Monster
7. Moo-Moo
8. FACE Mambo
9. Spelling FACE
10. Blues Clues Theme
11. Planet Song, The
12. Healthy Snacks
13. Oranges Grow On Trees
14. Buddy Boggle, The
15. So Long Song
16. Humming
17. Little Bear Theme
18. Little Bear's Band
19. Gullah, Gullah Vignette
20. Gullah, Gullah Island Theme
21. Down, Down, Baby
22. Yes I Can
23. I Love A Haircut
24. Head And Shoulders
25. Nick Jr. Sings
26. Oswald Theme
27. Penguin Polka, The
28. I Guess You Never Know
29. Rollerskating
30. Maisy Theme
31. Franklin Theme
32. Theme From Maggie And The Ferocious Beast
33. My One And Only Box
34. Hamilton The Ham
35. Kipper Theme
36. Little Bill Cube Checkers Open
37. Little Bill Cube Checkers Close
38. Alphabet Song
39. Dora The Explorer Theme
40. Map Song
41. Backpack Song
42. Travel Song
43. We Did It
44. Goodbye Song

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DaddyRich said...

errie said...

My daughter will love you for this!!!Thanks for sharing...

DaddyRich said...

you are very welcome errie - more kids stuff on the way...

Tbag said...

Awesome. My daughter will go ape over this. No pun intended.

warvadal said...

Fun, fun, Fun. Thanks.

mvcosta said...

could you please reup the file?
great blog you have.

Chad Vice said...

DaddyRich, any chance you could repost a link? We had this old Nick Jr. recording but lost it and can't find it anywhere. Thanks for considering! -Chad