Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rage Against The Machine - Live & Rare (Japan Import)

A great live disc from the sorely missed Rage Against The Machine and it's a whale of one. I have a few bootlegs from Rage and this one is the only one to have, in my opinion. This collection seperates itself from the others by the interaction with the crowd shown by Zack, which in my experience was quite unusual. The times I had seen them were awesome shows but little or no stage banter - just great live versions off their songs. They also got bonus points in 1997 for playing Beastie Boys 'Paul's Boutique' while we were waiting to get inside the Velodrome at Cal State Dominguez Hills. But I digres, so here is the album and more to come soon.

Track listing

"Bullet in the Head (Live)" – 5:44
"Settle for Nothing (Live)" – 4:57
"Bombtrack (Live)" – 5:55
"Take the Power Back (Live)" – 6:13
"Freedom (Live)" – 6:00
"Intro (Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos) (Live)" – 3:42 (with Chuck D from Public Enemy)
"Zapata's Blood (Live)" – 3:49
"Without a Face (Live)" – 4:06
"Hadda Be Playin' on the Jukebox (Live)" – 8:04 (a poem by Allen Ginsberg)
"Fuck tha Police (Live)" – 4:09 (N.W.A cover)
"Darkness" – 3:41
"Clear the Lane" – 3:50
"The Ghost of Tom Joad" – 5:22 (Bruce Springsteen cover)

Track 11 is the original 1991 demo tape version of this track (also known as "Darkness of Greed"). The version that appears on the motion picture soundtrack for The Crow is a studio version recorded in 1993.

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