Friday, October 27, 2006

Various Artists - Jamaican Dub

Dub music, as much as I love and dig it had me worried for a minute or two. I wondered if I stopped hanging out in rooms filled with smoke from the sweet leaf if I would still appreciate it appeal. Thanks be to Jah that it still sounds so sweet and enjoyable after a few smoke-free years. Many folks here (and elsewhere) are completely oblivious to dub music and it's wonderfully colorful practicioners and their ample studio wizardry that I have to offer my help to them. It's a great thing to be able to share. If you are at all interested - there are many great online articles and entire websites devoted to the dub movement and even though I draw the line in the sand at 1989 for any I own or listen to, I bet there is still some great dubbing being done in the tradition of the founding dubfathers - Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Aggrovators, King Tubby, Scientist, Prince Jammy and so many others.... more to come.

1. King Tubby's - Down In A Babylon
2. The Agrovators - Baderation Dub
3. King Tubby's - Long Long Dreadlocks
4. The Upsetters - War And Peace Dub
5. Scientist - Clock Wise Dub
6. King Tubby's - A Mean Dub
7. Jah Thomas - Jah Thomas Home Boy Dub
8. The Agrovators - The Golden Cup Of Dub
9. King Tubby's - King Tubby's Rude Boy dub
10. King Tubby's - King Tubby's Rice And Peas Dub
11. The Upsetters - Humble Lion Dub
12. Jah Thomas - Jah Thomas Sound System Dub
13. King Tubby's - Dub From The Roots
14. Scientist - Dub Of Wrath
15. Crazy Mad Professor - Dub Of Excellence
16. The Upsetters - Steel Plate Bullet Proof Vest Dub

trod on children.... link in comments


DaddyRich said...

milo said...

I know squat about dub, but this is a great collection. Looking forward to more from this great site!

Claudio Bittencourt said...

Thanx for this excellent collection. I'm also a great dub lover.
Gracias hermano y saludos desde México!

Themes said...

Bless up daddy rich! I've known of this album for a long long time...a friend of mine had the cd and still does to this day! he let me borrow it and i copied it to my computer and have been listening to it ever since. however, neither my friend or i knew who the artists were to the songs titles. thanks for having this posted because now i finally know! big up yourself large seen! Blessed love everytime!