Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Prince - 12" SIngles Collection Volume 2

Everyone has been so great each time that I have posted an entry from the mighty Prince. I may just dig deeper into my archives and see if I have any goodies left to share. I am open to anyone else's Prince rarities if you want to share as well. This next set gives us 'A Love Bizarre', 'Kiss' and best-of-all a 12" version of 'Housequake' (one of my favorites). So , keep on sharing and I will dig deep into my hard drives for some more goodies. Thanks for coming by and don't be afraid to comment - a lot of 'anonymous' comments - don't be afraid to regiser to blogger, it's easy and painless. You don't even have to start a blog, just register so I know what name to call you by when I respond to comments. 'Anonymous' is just a lottle too impersonal for me...

Side A -
1. A Love Bizarre (extended)
2. Kiss (Extended)
3. Love Or Money (Extended)
4. Mountains (Extended)
5. Alexa De Paris
6. Anotherloverholenyohead (Extended)
7. La la la he he he (Full length)
8. Shockadelica
9. U got the look (Long look)
10. Housequake (7 minutes mo'quake)

Side B -
01. Hot thing (Extended remix)
02. Good love
03. Hot thing (Dub version)
04. Alphabet Street (This is not music this is a trip)
05. Escape (Free yo mind)
06. Glam Slam (Remix)
07. I wish U heaven (Part 1-2-3)
08. Scarlet pussy (12)
09. Batmix (The batmix)
10. Partyman (Music mix)
11. Feel U up (Long stroke)

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DaddyRich said...

Disc 1 -

Disc 2 -

Richie said...

Hey, loving your prince posts, so many great memories! I've been loving his music for over 25 years now (shit!, I'm getting on!) I used to be in his uk based fan club "controversy" before the NPGMC came along. Used to get front row tkts for his gigs etc. My wife even got to get up on stage & dance with him in wembley once! Anyway, keep up the great blog!

hans said...

Mijn sierlijke juweel van een anus, verlangt naar een goede harde pik.

Anonymous said...

Blimey. I remember the Controversy fan club. Eileen Murton seems to ring as bell as the owner. Whatever happened to it?

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Thank You. I have all of this stuff on the original vinyl. Kept this stuff from when I thought I was a DJ in Chicago. Didn't even sell it when I divorced and the wife wanyed money. I don't know if I will ever get around to transferring it digitally. You are a King among men to provide this stuff to us digitally. I'm Anonymous John from Atlanta, GA :)

DJXPERTO said...

Big Post, congratulations from Chile

DaddyRich said...

I am glad I could share something you all wanted. Thanks for coming by.

richie said...

The fan club.....
Well, so far as I can remember it began to get wound down when he went thru the name change & "slave" shenanigans! Last time we spoke to Eileen she was running a ticket agency called The Croydon Ticket Line. They were great times tho, and she continued to set up Ticket Pre-sales until the NPGMC was pretty much established.

Anonymous said...

Oh-Ma-Ga this the funky S***!!

Thank you much

Bishop said...

Indeed this is the funky s**t. Thank you for these memories.

I vaguely recall there was a 12" version of Anotherloverholenyohead that was 20+ minutes - any chance you have that one in your library? I only heard it once and wished I appreciated it more. Never saw it again.

Anonymous said...

can't get part 2 to download

Anonymous said...

love these, thank you!

Winslow Leach said...

Funkalicious stuff - the "A Love Bizarre" remix is a real find. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Could you please update these links sometime, that would be awesome, thanks