Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Damned - Damned, Damned, Damned

What is considered by many to be the very first punk record made in the U.K. I am not sufficiently British enough or pretensious enough to refute that claim. I only know that when I hear music I either love it or hate it. Music rarely 'grows on me', I am quick to judgement hardly ever wrong (to myself) when it comes to my tatses. I came to this album rather late in my punk exploration and it was a classic by the time I first spun it, depending upon who you ask. Ramshackle production values and energetic playing/songwriting won me over rather quickly. Been a Daned fan ever since and am considering whether to see them in L.A. soon but probably won't. There are many times when I have just been too late in discovering a band or having already discovered them, being to lazy in seeing them (money for shows being hard to come by sometimes) and this is the same with this great band. It's also much like some other bands that I love(d) and how seeing them now wouldn't compare to what they had once been - kind of like how I love the Rolling Stones but wouldn't pay money to see them and would have been thrilled if I was old enough to have been an adult prior to 1975 and enjoyed their show. So many bands fall into that category for me now - just an old geezer.

"Neat, Neat, Neat" – 2:46
"Fan Club" – 3:00
"I Fall" – 2:08
"Born to Kill" – 2:37
"Stab Your Back" – 1:03
"Feel the Pain" – 3:37
"New Rose" – 2:44
"Fish" – 1:38
"See Her Tonight" – 2:29
"One of the Two" – 3:10
"So Messed Up" – 1:55
"I Feel Alright" (cover of "1970" by The Stooges) – 4:26

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always loved the damned too, but they never seem to get the kudos of the buzzcocks


Anonymous said...

Excellent blog...!!!!
The Damned - Damned, Damned, Damned this file have error! :(

MadPriest said...

I have a feeling there is a cover-up regarding the first ever punk single released in the UK. I think the honour goes to The Vibrators with "We Vibrate/Whips And Furs" on RAK (?) with Chris Spedding guesting on guitar. I think this doesn't quite fit in with punk mythology and so it has been conveniently forgotten. But it has all the requisite components to be regarded as a punk single.