Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tears For Fears - Best Of Remixes (Import)

One of the very few remix discs thatt I can be bothered to listen to, quite frankly. The over-the-top songs and tight studio production of this talented duo have, oddly, made for great remix fodder. All the usual suspects are here for your eager ears to consume and appreciate. I have noticed recently that I have an emberassing amount of remix cd's in my collection that I would never even bother to waste my time to hear but I have always had a soft spot for these songs and do very much enjoy them in their new, expanded lives as well. Give them a try and if you're over 30 reminisce with me upon the past....

1. Shout (Beatchuggers Remix)
2. Change (New Version)
3. Woman In Chains (Mix 42)
4. Sowing The Seeds Of Love (Wen's Overnight Mix)
5. Pale Shelter (New Extended Version)
6. Head Over Heels (Dave Bascombe's 7" N. Mix)
7. I Believe (A Soulful Re-Recording)
8. Tears Roll Down (U.S. Dance Mix)
9. Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Urban Mix)
10. Mad World (World Remix)
11. Mothers Talk (Beat Of The Drum Mix)
12. Johnny Panic & The Bible Of Dreams (Unstable Mix)

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DaddyRich said...

sugardong said...

great music for polesmoking and butthole surfing

DaddyRich said...

I will have to take your word for that, my friend.

bolshoi said...

daddyrich, can there be a possibility of reposting this gem of remixes from tear for fears, i loved them back than and i kinda want to reminisce a little. thanx and goodluck

Anonymous said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG-GREAT.I would also love to hear this.Can you please repost this.THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Anonymous said...

Please repost!!!! Maybe on another server system like Megashare. I have been looking for this for a long time!!!!

Sam W. said...

Please repost! I have been looking for this for a long time! Thanks much!