Sunday, October 08, 2006

Social Distortion - Live Easternatch German Television 1997

Mr. Mike Ness and company. Does it get any better? I doubt it. I know very little about the origins of this one other than what is expressed in the title here. I found this little gem at one of my faves 'hangoverheartattack' and am forever grateful. Beinga longtime S.D. fan, I am always glad when a bootleg of a live show is made available - regardless of quality. I just snap them up on sight. Luckily, this one is pretty damn good and I enjoyed it. Having seen Social Distortion for the first time (finally) in Dec. of last year only reaffirms my faith in music and life in general. Keep fighting the good fight Mr. Ness and I hope to see you again.

1-under my thumb
2-don't drag me down
4-can't run no more
5-another state of mind
6-mommy's little monster
7-i was wrong
8-ring of fire

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