Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sublime - Jah Won't Pay The Bills (1991 Cassette Rip)

I can only reminisce about Sublime and their great music now. It didn't seem like all that long ago that we didn't go more than a month without seeing them in concert - but it has been about 12 or 13 years. Definitely getting old. This little gem was, once upon a time, the hardest of the rare Sublime joints to track down. Thanks to the internet and file sharing we can all get hard-to-find music much more easily. It seems to be quite de rigeur to slag their music in blogs lately (from my reading) and I have to inform all my friends here that I have no intention of stopping my Sublime posts as long as they are sufficiently rare or have a good enough sound. So, enjoy this little bit of sunshine from the LBC and have a great day.

Track listing

1. "D.J.s"
2. "Badfish"
3. "Let's Go Get Stoned"
4. "New Song"
5. "Had a DAT"
6. "Don't Push"
7. "Ball and Chain"
8. "Slow Ride"
9. "Date Rape"
10. "Live at E's"

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'Sublme' sez it all...thanks brother