Friday, October 13, 2006

Bad Brains - Black Dots (1979)

I actually meant to upload a more rare gem from Bad Brains but this album here is as good a starter as any, isn't it? And once the new fans are hip to the songs I will load up my intended set. For some unknown reason this great sounding set of songs were recorded in 1979 and not released to us, the public - until 1996. I missed the Bad Brains train back in the 1980's and have since done quite nicely catching up I believe and would love to turn some new folks onto this music. These recordings differ enough from their album counterparts, in my humble opinion, to make them worthwhile and unique in their own right.
There are some classics on here, like 'Attitude', 'Banned In D.C.', 'Don't Need It' and 'Regulator' that'll whip up an instant mosh pit in your living rooms - and isn't that what we all want, really? I guess I should ask if anyone here would prefer the 'Pay To Cum!' LP next or 'Attitude: The ROIR Sessions' - both of which I enjoy greatly and may just upload both, regardless of anyone's preference.

1. Don't Need It
2. At The Atlantis
3. Pay To Cum
4. Supertouch / Shitfit
5. Regulator
6. You're A Migraine
7. Don't Bother Me
8. Banned In D.C.
9. Why'd You Have To Go?
10. Man Won't Annoy Ya, The
11. Redbone In The City
12. Black Dots
13. How Low Can A Punk Get?
14. Just Another Damn Song
15. Attitude
16. Send You No Flowers

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Great posting that fills some of the gaps in my collection. Still have my ROIR tape from the 80's. Thanks for taking the time and effort so the rest of us can benefit.